RDCH 702: Radiochemistry

RDCH 702 Radiochemistry

Instructors:  Professor Ken Czerwinski (czerwin2@unlv.nevada.edu), Professor Frederic Poineau (poineauf@unlv.nevada.edu)

Online Lectures: Posted Monday and Wednesday according to agenda

Meetings: Monday or Wednesday, 1000-1115 according to agenda
Fall 2018



Homework (in class quiz) (5 %)
Exam (Take home exam) (12.5 % each)
Presentation (20 %)
Participation (12.5 %)


Modern Nuclear Chemistry, Nuclear and Radiochemistry and Chart of the Nuclides. Lectures will be supplemented with publications and other reading from textbooks

This course introduces fundamental chemical properties in radiation and radiochemistry.   The use of stability constants and the relationship between speciation, kinetics and thermodynamics is presented.  The influence of radiolysis on the chemistry of radioisotopes is discussed.  Radioisotope production and use are presented.  Fundamentals of radiochemical separations are explained.  The role of radiochemistry in research is discussed, including recent efforts in radiochemistry research.  The course has a Youtube Channel to facilitate lecture access.

Outcomes for RDCH 702 are:

  • Understand chemical properties in radiation and radiochemistry
  • Use and application of chemical kinetics and thermodynamics to evaluate radionuclide speciation
  • Understand the influence of radiolysis on the chemistry of radioisotopes
  • Understand and evaluate radioisotope production
  • Evaluate and compare radiochemical separations
  • Utilization of radioisotope nuclear properties in evaluating chemical behavior
  • Use and explain the application of radionuclides in research
  • Discuss and understand ongoing radiochemistry research

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